Do you need a course reservation booking system? Many people are considering career or educational opportunities in the New Year. Whether it’s a recreational activity, or career-related, your course could benefit from an online bookings system.

If you run a training organisation, consider Easytix’s online booking.

With Easytix, you’ll benefit from a wide range of features, including discount codes, upsell extras, checkout questions, full reporting, exportable data, cash gift e-vouchers, multi-channel sales, transaction fee options, QR codes, a management dashboard and integrated technical support.

You’ll also enjoy immediate payments from customers, unlimited bookings, unlimited users and unlimited ticket types. So, if you offer multiple courses, our reservation booking system could be ideal. It’s also perfect for busy restaurants during peak times, conference spaces and retail websites.

All of this is available at a fixed monthly charge- no risks and no commitments.

Our aim is to provide affordable online booking for everyone. With Easytix you can sell your tickets 24/7, 365 days a year, including mobile friendly bookings and no support or maintenance fees. Sign up is easy and no credit card is required.

Build your business in 2016.

For more information, explore our main website.

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