When booking a conference space, wouldn’t it be great to have an easy online system, to search for available dates?

Why not make things easier for your clients? From festival tickets to those for Christmas parties, most people now purchase tickets online. It doesn’t only benefit customers, who can buy quickly and easily, but reduces the amount of pressure on admin staff taking bookings.

If your conference space could benefit from booking software, Easytix are keen to help. Our conference booking system is a great way to revolutionise your booking process.

Our online booking is not only cost-effective, it has a whole host of amazing benefits, including being 100% free until February 2016. That means you can give us a try then continue with low fixed monthly fees, if it works for you. Packed with features, we’re always updating Easytix to make it the best booking software on the net.

Current features include our user-friendly admin console, to help manage your customer sales with ease.

For more about Easytix, and how it can help you, click here.

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